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Friends in Spa

Our Mission

We recognise the world can feel a little busy at times...

Let us offer you a moment of serenity where you have the space and freedom to be yourself.

We hear you

We don't just listen, we encourage openness of conversation to gather a deep understanding of our clients needs.

We are a community 

We believe in collaboration and bringing people together to learn, grow, share and develop. 


We celebrate different

We encourage you to be you, whatever that may look, feel or sound like.


We believe in personalisation 

We recognise everyone is unique and ensure that clients receive services tailored to their evolving individual tastes and requirements. 

We choose quality over quantity

Our priority is to ensure that our clients are always happy, comfortable, well informed and satisfied with both their immediate results as well as their long-term skin/hair care and wellness regimes.


We grow confidence 

We believe confidence is more than just the outside - it's how you feel. Our focus also lies in nourishing the sensations, feelings and emotions to send you on your way to an improved sense of wellbeing.


We help you bloom.

Our Values

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